Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tease Us Thursday...

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“What’s happened to me?” he asked as soon as the door closed.
She probably should feel some guilt at the sound of confusion mixed with pain in his voice. Should, but didn’t. “You drank seductress blood,” she answered simply. “How does it feel?” Stepping close to him once more, she ran the tip of one finger down the front of his chest. “Is it a roaring fire burning what little is left of your soul to ash, or is it an icy dullness reminding you that you’ll never be whole if I’m not there?” For her, it was ice. She needed the warmth of his body on her, against her, in her so badly she hurt with it.
“Fire. God, how do I make it stop?” Turning his back to the wall, he leaned against its strength as if his whole world had just been shaken. 
“I wouldn’t know. I’ve had the stuff running through my veins longer than I can remember.” 

“But you shouldn’t be able to use your magic against me. The bond—”

“This has nothing to do with the bond and I’m not using my magic against you.” Needing the space as much as he did, she took a step away from him. He reached out to her but quickly caught himself, snatching his hand back to his side. “You drank my blood. I’m a seductress, what did you think my magic would feel like? Rainbows, unicorns and fairy dust?”


He ran his tongue across his full bottom lip as his hands came to my pussy and he probed me and found my clitoris, and he knew how to touch me to get my body warm and needy. He took two fingers and probed me as he caressed my aching clit. His mouth was slightly open, my blood still visible on his teeth. The sight of him should have scared the hell out me, but my body convulsed with sheer unabashed desire. When he spoke, his words increased my need and my attraction to him.
            “My tongue aches to suck this little soft pussy, it’s so nice and tight and very delicious looking, Drake, you smell wonderful. Open wide, sweetheart, ah yes,” he said as I did as he commanded and he came down on me with his mouth, his fangs glistening in anticipation.
My hands went to his thick dark hair holding him to my pussy. And then he made me come, not once but twice. My body convulsed over and over again. I’d never experienced orgasms like this. They were body rocking, breathtaking releases. He made sure his mouth stayed with me as my vagina contracted and he kept his tongue buried inside of me. After my body calmed down, he moved from between my thighs up to my face. He smiled and his smile radiated through my entire being.
            “I’m going to fuck you and baby hard. I‘ve never wanted a woman the way I want you at this moment. Look at my cock. It’s hard and aching. I need your slick wet pussy around me,” he said his words graphic and an unbelievable turn on.
He always seems completely unconcerned about being naked. He walked along the corridor back to the kitchen still drying himself. He did actually wrap the towel around his waist before accepting the glass I handed him and then walked out onto the balcony as I checked the meal.

“Won’t be long” I told him, feeling quite happy that I was organising things so well. I joined him at the railings, looking down at the river. Even as high up as we were, there was very little breeze, it was still warm and, of course, being early evening, still completely light.
We chatted on, pausing as he stepped back to the kitchen to top-up our glasses whilst I continued to admire the view.

“I love looking down on everything from here. You are so lucky” I told him as he returned. He handed me my glass and cuddled in behind me, kissing my neck and ear.

As he slid his arms around me, I realised he didn’t have his glass and didn’t have his towel either!

“You can’t stand out here without anything on!” I laughed. I could feel his erection pressing against my hip through the robe and then as he adjusted his position and lifted the robe slightly, I felt it bare against my skin.

I shook and twisted “Vince, you’re naked. Someone will see!!!” His erection was rubbing over my bum and stopped, resting erect between my cheeks as he pressed me gently against the railing.
‘That wood –’ she pointed to the trees on the edge of the field ‘– is my boundary.’  
‘Any other boundaries I should know about, Roisin?’ 
The green eyes met his. ‘Not very subtle, are you? But seeing as you ask … Oh sure, I have lots, lots of boundaries.’ Her mass of hair was still tangled from their earlier tumble in the straw, and he could smell the alluring scent of woman that surrounded her. Her smell, her own unique, distinctive blend of want, of need. 
‘Do you mind if I explore them?’
She had pulled the handbrake on, knocked the gear lever into neutral. As he looked into her eyes, they darkened with an invitation he couldn’t ignore. Her lips had parted slightly, lips he could imagine wrapped round his hard cock, lips that held a promise of something more than quick satisfaction.
‘I thought you’d already done that.’ The husky edge set the hair on the back of his neck bristling.
The alabaster skin of her stomach was pale against his tanned hand as he pushed her top up, leant forward to kiss its soft curves just so he could hear her moan of satisfaction.
‘I’ve only just started.’ Her breast filled his hand perfectly, and she let out a little whimper as his fingers tightened around the hard bud of her nipple. He squeezed harder until her breath quickened and she tipped her head back, exposing the long, slender column of her neck.

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